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List Description
chip-design [no description available]
Cloud_comp H3ABioNet - cloud computing mailing list
cmw2014-mru Computational Metagenomics Workshop Mauritius 2014
consort H3ABioNet 2.0 Consortium mailing list
Curriculum_dev_TF Task Force to create a MSc curriculum in Bioinformatics and decide on content of the masters course run
Data_integration H3ABioNet 2.0 Data Integration Work Package mailing list
Data_management_TF Task Force to determine and implement data storage solution for H3Africa and portal for researchers to access and analyse thier data
Data_std H3ABioNet 2.0 Data Standards Work Package mailing list
Db_resources H3ABioNet 2.0 Databases and Resources Work Package mailing list
Edudb_dev Mailing list for development of training capacity dataabse for H3Africa
Et_wg H3ABioNet - Education and Training Working Group
Fibroid_2014 Mailing List for the Fibroids GWAS project initiated at the H3ABioNet CUBRe 2014 Postgraduate workshop
GA H3ABioNet 2.0 General Assembly mailing list
Genomic_Medicine genomic medicine mailing list
H3a-cat-mang H3Africa - Catalogue management mailing list
H3A-eGenomics H3A - eGenomics Catalogue
H3a-media H3Africa - media mailing list
h3abionet2 H3ABioNet grant renewal PI list for coordination
H3aprdb_dev H3ABioNet Participant Recruitment Database Mailing list
Health_informatics H3ABioNet 2.0 Health Informatics Work Package mailing list
Helpdesk_crew Mailing list for the helpdesk members to communicate and share expertise or raise any issues
Htp-seq_sig H3ABioNet - HTP-Seq_SIG mailing list
Ibt ibt mailing list
icipe_bix_course H3ABioNet - ICIPE bioinformatics course mailing list
icipe_ebiokit_course H3ABioNet - ICIPE ebiokit course mailing list
Infrastructure_wg H3ABioNet - Infrastructure Working Group
mailman H3ABionet - test mailing list
MC H3ABioNet 2.0 Management Committee mailing list
Ngs_trainers Mailing list for the NGS Train the Trainer African personel
Online_edu_TF Mailing list to co-ordinate the curation of H3ABioNet training materials
Ontology_TF The H3ABioNet Ontology and Standardized Vocabulary Task Force (OTF) is responsible for promoting and overseeing the use of ontologies and standardized vocabularies for H3Africa project
Outreach_sus H3ABioNet 2.0 Outreach and Sustainability Work Package mailing list
Pipe_comp H3ABioNet 2.0 Pipelines and Computing Work Package mailing list
postgraduate2014 H3ABioNet Postgradaute Workshop 2014
public H3ABioNet - public member list
REDCapAfrica H3ABioNet - REDCap Africa mailing list
Research_wg H3ABioNet - Research Working Group
SAB H3ABioNet 2.0 Scientific Advisory Board mailing list
SCDO H3ABioNet - Sickle Cell Disease Ontology (SCDO) Working Group
Sorghum_2014 A mailing list for the Sorghum project initiated at the H3ABioNet CUBRe Postgradaute workshop 2014
Sys_admin_TF Task Force created to determine the sys admin needs for the H3ABioNet Nodes nd make recommendations and provide support when required
Task_force H3ABioNet 2.0 Node Accreditation Project mailing list
tech_course_2013 H3ABioNet - Sys Admin course 2015 mailing list
test1 H3ABioNet - test list 1
test2 H3ABioNet - test list 2
Tools_web H3ABioNet 2.0 - Tools and Web services Work Package mailing list
Training H3ABioNet 2.0 Training Work Package mailing list
User_support H3ABioNet - User Support Working Group
Workflows_TF Workflows_TF

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